Why Me?

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My life is so unfair.   I looked around and realized I had to live differently...And God, please bless Mrs…..

“Ouch!  Hey! You’re not supposed to do that!”

And Lord thank you for blessing me with….

“Ahh…hahahaha!!!  I’m going to get you!!”

Please be with my husband today as he….

“No! No! No! No! No!  Ahhhh!  Hahaha!”

Will you two please keep it down out there!!

My quiet, prayer time was slowly interrupted.  Moms can ignore noisy kids to a degree, but enough is enough!

I stormed out of my room to tell my children to quiet down.  Of course, by now they were on the complete opposite side of the house.  On my way to find them, I entered the kitchen.

Cereal bowls with lukewarm milk rested in slight puddles of milk on the table.  The sink was full of a filthy crock pot left to soak overnight.  I opened the cabinet to get my favorite coffee cup and it wasn’t there.  So I checked the dishwasher.  There it was…with a brown ring in the bottom.  Someone had forgotten to run the dishwasher.

In the living room, I found my children, who had stopped their loud playing and moved on to loud bickering.  I settled the matter and sent them out for some fresh air while I got dressed.

There was only one pair of jeans in my drawer and they wouldn’t button without cutting off circulation.

So I turned to the three baskets of jumbled, clean clothing waiting to be folded and found my favorite yoga pants.  Yoga pants: stretchy so you can work out…or because you didn’t work out? Either way works.

As I pulled on my shirt, I bumped the bedside table and sent my prescription bottle tumbling.  As it flew, the lid came off and pills scattered everywhere.

I flopped down on the bed and thought…

Why me?

Thinking back over the events of my morning and I muttered to myself, “Life isn’t fair!  Why me?”

I began my day with Bible study.  Why me?

Why do I have my pick of Bible Translations in my language and unlimited resources and affordable options to help me grow deeper in my relationship with God?  Why do I live in a country with the freedom to worship who/when/where I want?

My kitchen was a mess.  Why me?

Why do I have more than enough food to fill so many dishes?  Why do I have clean running water that will quickly and easily take care of all of the mess?  Why do I have a husband who is so attentive to the needs in our home that I assume the dishwasher will have clean dishes every morning?  Believe me, I do not take that privilege lightly!

My children were playing and arguing. Why me?

Why am I blessed with healthy children? So abundantly?  Why are my children blessed with strong healthy bodies and plenty of siblings to play with and practice social skills with?  Why do we get to live in a place where they can play outside freely without fear of harm?

My pants were too tight. Why me?

Why am I blessed with enough food to fill my belly and then some when so many go to bed hungry each night.

Why, for the love, do I get to live in a world where yoga pants are a thing?  I mean, let’s not take that blessing for granted!

The piles of laundry that never end.

Why do I have an abundance of clothing for my family?  Why do we have such a simple task to clean our laundry?  We joke about wanting a machine to fold it, but do you realize how incredible it is to have a machine to do the washing?!

My scattered pills.

I paid two dollars and eighty-three cents for those pills.  I spend more on junk than that.  Yes, I live in a country where I have access to affordable, quality healthcare.  I know it can be debatable but the truth is, I don’t worry when we get sick.  If someone falls and needs stitches, I know I can get it.  If my baby is having trouble breathing, I have hospitals to rush to! And here, scattered across my carpet was a reminder of the preventative care I am able to receive.  Why me?

Of all the places, of all the times in the history of the world…  why have I been given this life?

The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
    indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.”  Ps 16:5-6

Let me just say, God is good…even when life isn’t.

But when life is so very good, what responsibilities do I have?

  • to look after the needy
  • to care for the afflicted
  • to love the unlovely
  • to leave this comfortable place and be Jesus to the least of these.

I wish I could say I was good at that.  Too often, I sit and appreciate the good, thank Him for it, and just continue in my comfort.

But when I find myself looking around and thinking “Why me?”, I need to remember the secret of life:

It’s not about you.

This life is not about me and my wants.  It’s about Him and His people.

Love one another!

Tell me in the comments if you have ever wondered why your life seems unfairly easy.  It’s a strange place to be in, isn’t it?

My life is so unfair.   I looked around and realized I had to live differently...



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  1. Alicia wrote:

    Yes, and it scares me sometimes ! I feel so unworthy of all my blessings ! I don’t deserve them..and I often wonder “why me?” I love your suggestions at the end of what our responsibility needs to be.

    Posted 4.9.16 Reply
    • Christina wrote:

      I know exactly what you mean. I often found myself “waiting for the other shoe to drop”, just wondering what my tragedy or trial would be. I finally had to release that fear and just live the life I have been given…even if I don’t understand it!

      Posted 4.12.16 Reply