What Bugs Me About Jesus…

What Bugs Me about Jesus
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What Bugs Me about Jesus

Ok, I confess, that title was basically click-bait.  I love Jesus.  He’s the absolute BEST!  I should have said, “What bugs me about Movie Jesus.”

You know who I’m talking about.  The Jesus that is portrayed on films and television.  Nearly every screen portrayal of Jesus is the same.  Every time a new film or tv series comes out, I have high hopes that this time, they’re going to let Jesus be real.  But no.

The problem with Movie Jesus is he’s always so serene, dispensing wisdom like a Buddhist monk in monotone mantras.  Only thing is, he isn’t Buddhist.  He’s Jesus!  And we can’t put him into some little box that fits our expectations of him.

Here’s what I think.  God created humans in his image, right?  And I believe that has more to do with our spirit than our physical appearance.  So let’s look at his masterpiece, his people.  We are multihued, multi-faceted, full of personality, uniqueness, and quirks. If we are created in His image, and Jesus was God in human form, then he probably had uniqueness, temperament, moods and personality as well.

But somehow we’ve come to believe that Jesus wasn’t like that.  No, no.  He’s far too wise to have a personality and FEELINGS.  Oh, sure, we all know about that turning-over-tables incident so we know he had feelings that one time. The rest of the time he was just a serene sage, calm and caring, right?

I’ve got news for you.  Jesus was funny.  At least I think so.

Re-read some of those well-worn passages of scripture and this time, hear it like someone you know was saying it.  Maybe add in some emojis. 😉

“If your kid asked you for some bread, would you give him rocks? If he asked you for a fish, what would you give him: a snake?  LOL If you know better than to do that and you’re a messed-up sinner, don’t you think God knows how to give good gifts to his kids?”

“You’re trying to pick sawdust out of your friend’s eye when you’re walking around with a log in your eye!”

You guys, a log in your eye!  I know you’ve heard it a hundred times so it’s lost it’s novelty, but c’mon, that’s funny. “Oh, excuse me. There appears to be a little dust in your eye.  Just let me help you…” *whack*

Of course, his words are full of undeniable truth and never said in an off-hand, flippant manner, but I think sometimes you can almost hear him chuckle.  Is it any wonder he was a master of phrases?  He is the creator of language.  Why wouldn’t he be funny, the creator of humor?

You know what else?  He got irritated.  We moms are especially hard on ourselves for getting irritated with our kids.  We should be patient, like Jesus, we think.  Well, yes, Jesus was patient to endure his disciples learning and growth, but he wasn’t always unflappable.

How is it that you fail to understand…  (Matthew 16:11 ESV)

Are you also still without understanding? (Matthew 15:16 ESV)

Oh, Faithless and twisted generation! How long am I to be with you? How long am I to bear with you?  (Matthew 17:17 ESV)

It’s like I can hear him saying “Good grief! When are you people going to get this?”  Doesn’t exactly sound like the placid, mystic healer the movies make him out to be.

Is he tender and compassionate? YES  Is he clever, even funny? YES Is he poetic? Smart? Charming?  Yes.

Does he get hungry?  Frustrated? Tired? Over-wraught with grief? Yes!

He was inspiring, thought-provoking, funny, and loving.  He was humble, tender, witty, poignant, and plain-spoken. He offers grace and comfort along with challenging truths.

We know he was special. People followed him in droves.  He had his fan-girls, his yes-men.  People don’t follow Boring.  Not now, and not 2000 years ago.

Get in the scriptures, hear his voice, and get to know Jesus. He was irresistable! And he still is!


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