Hi there!  I’m Stina.

Do you notice that families seem to be busier than ever these days?

Kids seem to be growing up faster and there’s less time to establish family bonds and memories. At Moms Have More Fun, I provide creative start-to-finish ideas for connecting with their families: Things like Themed Movie Nights and Married Date Nights as well as simplified homemaking strategies. I’ve found that many moms are too busy handling the demands of a busy schedule to plan for the moments that make lasting memories.  My readers love inspiration and permission to have more fun as a mom!

I run on coffee and inspiration!

If you spend more than an hour around me, you’ll discover that I get rather enthusiastic about…well, everything!

I’m most likely to become passionate about a project.

Whether it’s a home renovation, a creative pursuit, or my next entrepreneurial endeavor, I get excited about new possibilities.  I see the transformation before it happens.

When I’m not dreaming of a project, I’m probably busy homeschooling my four kiddos (aged toddler to teen), spontaneously baking (ooh, wouldn’t some Old Fashioned Southern Tea Cakes be good today?), or snuggled on the couch with my dear and handsome husband.

We’re probably drinking coffee and watching British television.

It’s kind of our thing.

I believe that childhood is magical.

That happiness begins at home.

That family is essential.

That the stories of tomorrow are built in the families of today.

Our story begins at home.  I want to help my kids write a great story.

I believe women can earn money without sacrificing family time.

You should be free to create memories, to train your children, and nurture your family.

I know that a single-income family is not a feasible choice for many families for many reasons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a rockstar mom too!


I want to help you find your beautiful balance.

My mission is to help women break through the clutter and chaos that keeps them on the busyness treadmill.

The limiting beliefs, the millions of activities and clouds of advice, as well as the pile of junk on your kitchen counter.

I want to teach you to streamline your life so you can give energy to the stuff that really lights you up inside.

I believe it begins at home.

Managing our homes, chores, commitments, and families can become overwhelming.

My strategies and systems help you break through the clutter, creating breathing room to restore your energy, vitality, and free time for catching fireflies, indoor tents with twinkle lights, and a drink by the fire with your Handsome.


Over the years, I’ve heard the same story from tons of other women.

Our hearts are full of contradictions. 

You can’t wait to get to the next level, but you don’t want time to go too fast.

You cherish your kids…but they’re driving you crazy.

You’re busy, and yet somehow, bored. 

You’re so happy, and yet you want more.

I want to help you transform into the graceful, successful lady you long to be.

I want to help you be productive in business hours so you can be present at family time.


You design a values-based life by deciding what you want and eliminating the rest.

 I like to start that with a good decluttering!

Right now, I’ve got my 4 part video course FREE for a limited time.

In the Clutter to Cash Challenge I’ll guide you through decluttering your entire home and selling your stuff in an easy and efficient manner to make the most bang for your buck!

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