The Beauty Lesson

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If you've ever thought "i'm not beautiful", you have to read this.

A daisy rested in a crystal clear mason jar as the morning sun glittered through the sheer window curtains.

She looked out into the garden and sighed, “if only I were as elegant as the rose.”

“The rose is so sultry with her voluptuous blossom and deep crimson petals.  She’s strong too, able to stand her own.  How wonderful it must be to have that sturdy stem and those sharp thorns to protect herself.  Oh, if only I were like Rose!

The rose, just opening her eyes to the morning light felt the chill of the dew still on her petals.  Reluctantly, she gathered her strength for another day.

She thought of the sunflower that turns its face to greet the warm light of day.

“If only I were a sunflower.  She is always ready for the next thing.”

“She grows so tall and confidently.  Her bright orange petals call out to the world, inviting others to share in her joy with enthusiasm.  How wonderful it must be to be so carefree, so well-liked.  Surely, she is the most beautiful flower.  Oh, if only I were like Sunflower!

In a field nearby, Sunflower was indeed watching the sun as it climbed higher in the sky.

“Gotta keep up!” She urged herself, “the days go by quickly, and I must do my job no matter how hurried and busy it seems.”

“Sometimes I wish I were more like the tulip.  She is so graceful and refined.  She never seems to strive to get her work done.  She just drifts about with easy elegance.  Her petals are such a lovely pastel hue, even when she wears brighter colors, she never looks as garish as I do.  Surely dainty Tulip is the most beautiful flower.  Oh, if only I were like Tulip!


Tulip slowly lifted her head.  “Another day, I must get ready to be my best.   Oh, no! One of those stupid rabbits has destroyed another one of my leaves.  Ugh, how embarrassing!  I look like a fool now.  Great job, Tulip. Why is everything so hard for me?”

“Sometimes I just want to toss my head and laugh, in that carefree way that Daisy does. She seems to love the simple things in life.  She’s so pretty, the way her sweet little petals spread out in a happy little circle!  What I wouldn’t give to be a simple, sprightly daisy, perhaps resting quietly in some mason jar on a window sill somewhere… Oh, if only I were like Daisy!

Women are a lot like flowers.

We compare ourselves.  We try to live up to some standard of beauty we, or someone else, has concocted.  It’s not real, you know.

There is no standard of beauty.

Women are inherently beautiful. It’s actually a quality of being a human female.

If a tall, lean and graceful red head with pale, freckled skin and glowing green eyes is held as the standard of beauty, then a woman of average height with dark hair, soulful brown eyes and coffee colored skin must be led to believe that her alluring curves are not lovely.

If that same dark beauty is held as the epitome of feminine charm, then a curly haired blond with eyes that sparkle like sapphires, wide hips and wider smile must come to think that she does not qualify.

The only flowers that are not beautiful are the ones that are crushed, bruised, and beaten-down by too much living.

And similarly, the only the brutality of life can dim the natural beauty of a woman’s soul.

She may have been told too often that she did not measure up.  She was not enough. 

And that sick poison ate away at her from the inside out.

The difference is, a flower cannot regenerate, but a woman’s soul can be refreshed.

She can be refreshed by the genuine love of another.

She can be restored with kindness and gentleness.

But most of all, her soul is re-beautified by her belief that she is worthy.

Have you ever seen an ugly bride?

Every bride believes that she is loved.  For one day, she is allowed to be the most beautiful creature in the room, and she owns her beautiful power.

My dear reader, if you are feeling like a beaten down flower, may I remind you that you ARE a bride.

Even if you do not have a man in your life to call you his bride, you have been claimed–or can be–as the bride of Christ.

He will restore your soul with gentle, genuine, life-giving love.

Won’t you let him love you?

Won’t you see yourself as he does?

Your soul is the source of your beauty.

Let Jesus restore you.

Just as the flower’s form is not its only charm.  There is a natural charm to every flower, no matter it’s shape or color or size.

You have a natural beauty  all your own.  It flows from the inside, but it IS seen on the outside.

You are altogether lovely, my dear.  In you is no flaw.

Song of Soloman 4:7

Please share this with the beautiful flowers in your life. Let them know they are lovely.

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