How to Support Your Husband in His Career

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When it comes to your husband's career--are you uninvolved or his biggest supporter? Here's how you can give him the support he needs.For many wives, stay-at-home moms especially, a career seems like the husband’s “thing.” You take care of your job (maintaining the house, taking care of the kids, etc…), and he takes care of his (going off to work). And yet, whether you work or not, being actively involved in your husband’s career is a great way to show him love and support.


“I want to be a supportive wife, but I feel like my husband’s career comes between us. I don’t know how to be supportive of something I’m not involved in.”

Your husband’s career may seem like “his thing,” but the time he spends on it and the money he earns directly affects you. It really is both your thing. Supporting him in his career then, means encouraging his goals and his efforts, but also communicating your needs effectively.

Today, I’m sharing just how to do that in my guest post over at Equipping Godly Women.  Click here to check it out: How to Support Your Husband in His Career

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