The Standard of Beauty

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I’ve seen several videos about the standard of beauty and how it changed over the centuries.  The funny thing is, they’re all wrong, because you see….

There is no standard of beauty.

Throughout history, artists have become famous generation after generation for breaking the mold, veering from the commonly agreed standard of beauty and creating artwork that is stirring and beautiful in a way never expected before.

This idea of a standard of beauty is even more absurd when we consider all the different forms, shapes, colors and sizes of flowers—and yet they are all beautiful.

Even a standard of beauty among women is impossible to find because of one undeniable truth that women especially have been unable to accept for as long as time.

Just as all flowers are beautiful, all women are beautiful.

I don’t mean that in some sleazy marketing kind of way intended to stroke your ego and make you buy a product.  I mean it sincerely.  There is an unmistakable quality of beauty in every female soul.

It’s in her design.

Beauty is an inherent quality of the human female.

It’s in the way she laughs.

The beauty of a woman’s laugh knows no age.

Think about your grandmother’s laugh.  When your grandmother laughed, didn’t your heart soar?  Did you ever watch her and just admire how she lit up the room with her laughter?

I don’t know about you, but my grandmother is never going to be featured on the cover of a beauty magazine, yet there was a charm in her mirth that was mesmerizing. When a woman has the ability to laugh at life and herself, she spreads a joy that is irreplaceable.

It’s in the kindness she shows.

When a woman shows kindness, something wonderful happens.  She becomes remarkable.  You may not notice the way she fixed her hair that day or what she had on, but you become aware of her–the beautiful being inside that body. Her kindness is illuminating.

It’s in her nurturing.

She may be a mother nurturing her children.  She may be a gardener nurturing young plants. She may nurture her fur-babies, her co-workers, her nieces and nephews, her students, her aging parents or grandparents.  She may even nurture some non-living thing, like a business.  Oh yes, even brilliant women entrepreneurs are tapping their nurturing side as they grow those fledgling ideas into full-grown enterprises.

A woman’s ability to nurture is born in her, and it’s beautiful.

It’s in her strength.

There’s nothing quite like the strength of a woman.  A man’s strength is immediate and obvious.  A woman’s strength is long-winded and enduring.  When the world is falling apart, she has the strength to hold herself together.

She has the strength to fall to pieces, collapsing on the floor in puddles of tears, beating her chest in agony…

and to get up again with no one’s help.

She is resilient–pliable but unbreakable.

It’s in her vulnerability.

It is her strength that gives her the ability to be vulnerable.  She can give herself with abandon to her pursuits, her family, her spouse, her Lord.  As she pours her heart out into these things, she becomes incredibly vulnerable.  To love is to open yourself up to pain.  Because she can pull herself back together, she is able to let herself love deeply.

The courage of a vulnerable woman is captivating.

It’s her desirability.

Women are desirable.  That word is thrown around loosely to mean sexy.  That’s not what I mean.  I mean, she is desired.

Husbands desire to be in the presence of their wives.  They desire to be close to her, as close as one can possibly get.

Children desire to be with their mothers.  If a mother is not around, any kind, nurturing woman becomes unmistakably desirable.  They long for her presence.

Women even desire to be with other women.  Many men are content to go to work, come home to their families, and continue the cycle.  But, you’ll rarely find a woman who doesn’t, at least occasionally, long for time with “the girls”.


Are you beautiful?

Oh, my darling, yes!

You are kind.

You are resilient.

You laugh and nurture and love.

People long to be in your presence, to see your smile and enjoy your embrace.


Just as all the flowers are lovely, beautiful, and worthy to be admired, so are you.

You are woman.

You are beautiful.

You ARE beauty.

Share this with the women in your life.  

Let them know they’re beautiful. 

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