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Prepare for Productivity

Now you can get really specific if you want and put each of those tasks on a day of the calendar. If you prefer a little more flexibilty, you can make a task list for the entire month or break it down and make one task list for each week.

After you see what tasks need to be done and when they will take your time, you can add in the events you haven’t scheduled yet, like that Christmas lights viewing drive, on the days you don’t have anything else.

Be sure to leave some breathing room for unexpected tasks that will come up and obviously, for the ordinary day-to-day tasks like grocery shopping and laundry.  Am I the only one that forgets those things take time and attention?

While you’re in planning mode, look at the last day of the month, or in this case, the lull between Christmas and New Year’s.  What do you want to feel on December 28?  How will you know it has been a good Christmas season?  Be sure to leave space for the things that will lead to those goals.  Mark them down on your task list.

Prepare for Happiness

Will you want photos of your holiday parties to remember all the details that went into planning them?  Or just photos of the happy faces of your loved ones?  Will you want to look around at your holiday decorations and be pleased with each perfect detail? Will you know you had a Christ-centered Christmas because you spent daily time in the Word?

Or maybe, you’ll feel satisfied and prepared for the new year because you’ve crossed off those monkey-on-your-back tasks that have been hanging over your head for a while.  I have some photos to edit that I’d love to be done with when the new year rolls around.  It’s not a Christmas related task, but I’d sure like to have it over with before then so I can start fresh at the new year.

Jot those things down on their own list.  Congratulations, you just made a list of goals for December!  Goals are usually so success driven.  We think we have to achieve some level of success, a certain weight, an exact number of followers on social media, a sales quota, etc.  That sort of goal planning has it’s place, but it may lead you to a life you don’t really enjoy.

Thinking about how you want to feel, will show you what needs to be done.  Define success based on your own satisfaction with different areas of your life.

A Gift for You

Does your December sound like mine?  I am hosting a birthday party and a moms night at my house.  I’m attending a baby shower and a birthday dinner.  I’ll be at one company party, two ballet class parties, one dance recital, art, tennis, and dance lessons, and regular church services.  I’ll be out of town celebrating with family on two different weekends.  I’ll make time for a date night with my husband and continue running my blog and photography business.

Despite all the activity going on, December 23 is going to be a blessed day for me, God-willing.  I’m not going to be stressed or frazzled, because I am prepared, and I’m putting first-things first by starting each day in the Word of God.

I would love to have you join me for daily Bible readings, I’ll be reading one chapter a day with you live on Facebook Live in our Facebook page.  Reading selections are outlined in Prepare Him Room: Cultivating a Christ-Centered Christmas.  Get your copy here to follow along and learn about the symbols of Christmas that bring Jesus into focus for us this time of year.

Even though you can do all this on your own paper, I’ve created this Free Printable Monthly planner which you can download and print to use for the planning process. Just enter your email address here:

Free Printable to plan for a happy Christmas!I’ve left the dates off so you can use this year after year.


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