Peace & Productivity Planner

How do you know what needs to be done every day?

You may have a to-do list somewhere in your phone, on your desk, scrawled on a white board on the side of the refrigerator…

You may have an agenda or calendar full of activities and events for your family.

What about your dreams, plans, and goals?  Do you keep track of those?

Are you moving toward your goals with grace and ease?

Maybe somewhere in a binder you’ve got a goal chart for the year and you’re working on making those things happen…or at least you remember them every few months and wish you were working to make it happen.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep up with all those things in one simple plan?

What if you knew that each day, you were taking care of your responsibilites, participating in the events that matter…AND working toward fulfilling YOUR God-given purpose?

Starting today, you can.

Introducing the Peace and Productivity Planner from Martha, Martha.

Take some time to fill out these six worksheets to uncover your purpose, determine what’s most important to you, and how you’ll make it happen.

Then, use the Annual Overview to begin mapping out the next 12 months!

Each month, you’ll fill in a monthly overview to help you determine the specific tasks and goals you want to achieve that month.

Next you’ll work off a weekly page and daily task lists to achieve more and stay focuse on the most important things!



Do I have to start in January?

No!  The Peace & Productivity Planner was designed so you can start ANY time throughout the year…and even use the same pages year after year.  The 12 calendar months each have their own page, but you’ll add in the dates so you can use it any year.

The annual overview has 12 month boxes, but the names of the months are not written in so you can begin exactly where you are now!  I started in November. 🙂

Will I need to print this every week?

You can print the planing, annual, and monthly pages seperate.  You can then print 52 copies of the weekly layout or print off weekly pages as needed.  If you prefer, you can copy the simple weekly layout design onto a lined notebook to save on printing costs. The method used is more important than the design and is covered in the opening planning pages.

Can I use the expensive planner I already purchased?

YES!  The neat thing about the Peace & Productivity planner is that it is customizable and can be used with whatever book you prefer.  It’s the method of thinking through your unique talents and purpose, then your plans and dreams, and then the actions to achieve them that will result in your success.

You’ll distill all your attention grabbers, activities, and “Shoulds” down into just the essential things to achieve your mission and purpose.

How much does it cost?

For a limited time, the Peace and Productivity Planner is available FREE in the Printables Library! Get access here: