My Favorite Power Tool and Jesus

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Tell someone a story and they’ll never forget the lesson.  Aesop knew it.  And my mother knew it, too, when she warned me of the dangers of power tools as a child.

“Stay on the patio while the men are digging the fence post holes.  I knew a girl who got her hair caught up in the auger of a post-hole digger, and it scalped her.  She had this long pretty red hair…”

“Be careful around that Skil saw. There was a boy in the next town over that was working on something and he dropped the Skil saw in his lap.  It nearly cut him in two…”

Needless to say, I still get a little freaked out around power tools.

I’m friendly with a drill-driver.  I’m on speaking terms with the dreaded circular saw.  And amazingly, I can run a lawnmower, though preferably not a riding mower like the one that cut my cousins’ heel off when I was 9.

But there is one power tool I’m quite fond of.

1280px-pressure_washThe Pressure Washer

When we sold our house two years ago and moved into an older, bigger, fixer-upper as part of our plan to pay off debt, we did numerous repairs on the selling home and updates on the buying home.  {Comment on this post if you’d be interested in reading our story of paying off debt.}

In prepping the house for sale, I used a pressure-washer to get the siding on the eaves and overhangs ready for painting.  I cleared the gunk out of the cracks in the sidewalk.  I washed the caked up dirt off the patio and even gave the kids playhouse and cozy coupe car a good hose down.   Once I discovered the power of spray-washing, I kinda went nuts!

Then, our dear little electric pressure washer got boxed up for the move and forgotten about until recently.  I was sweeping our patio the other day and frustrated at the two-inch thick layer of dirt that had accumulated in the corners.  Don’t judge me.  We have sandy soil and two large dogs.

I searched out my friend Pressure Washer and looked at him for a moment, doubting his abilities.  Like R2-D2, he is small, blue, and sturdy, easily underrated, but powerful enough to do the job.  It wasn’t his strength I doubted.  You see, the problem is, for him to work, he has to be connected to a working water hose.  The faucet on the back of our house falls deeply in the fixer-upper category.

It works…. sort of.  It whines and moans and shakes and fusses, but when you get it set just right, a slight but steady stream trickles forth.

I connected dear old Pressure Washer up to the trickling water source and hoped for the best.   I gave the trigger a test squeeze.  Immediately, dirt began to fly off the concrete!  I smiled and turned it on full blast!

Moss was obliterated from cracks.

The build up of dirt in the corners flew through the air in big sloppy chunks.

Black slime I had never even noticed was erased like marks on a white board.

Almost instantly, everything was new and clean!  The patio was fresh and inviting!

Do you ever wish there was a pressure washer for your life?

As I watched the pressure washer ravage the filth that I could not sweep away, I thought of Jesus.

Yes, Jesus.

He washes away the bitterness, anger, hurt, and doubt that I can’t sweep away.   Selfish thoughts are obliterated.

Build up of resentment and hatred are blasted away in big sloppy chunks.

Black slime of sin in my life that I didn’t even know was there gets erased, like marks on a white board.

The only problem is, for Him to be able to do the work of cleaning my life, I need to connect to him.  I may be like that old faucet.  I whine and moan and shake and fuss about getting on my knees in submission to my Lord, but all he needs is a trickle of repentance.  He has the power to take that trickle and turn it into a cleansing flood.

After my heart is washed clean, I am refreshed.  My soul is inviting.  I have room to grow and share and love.

There’s power in the blood, like a power tool for the soul!

I may still gawk wide-eyed and terrified if there’s ever post-hole digger around, but lead me to a pressure washer, and I’ll tell you about my favorite power tool.



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