Married Date Night: Beauty & the Beast

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When you think of family fun, you usually think of including the kids. But what if you didn’t?  Hear me out.

Round here, we publish plenty of ideas to have fun with your kids, but Family begins with mom and dad. And establishing those connecting bonds through playful fun doesn’t exclude your marriage. So grab your guy and let’s make a night of it!

This month, we’re going to France!

romantic french date night

A French-Themed Date Night

The inspiration for this date was the upcoming release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  If recent news stories may have changed your mind about seeing that movie, or if you just can’t get a babysitter, don’t change your mind about trying this date!  I’ve included some alternatives.

What to Wear?  Dress the part!

Remember when you were a little girl and you wanted to be a princess?  Capture that dream with a grown-up twist.

Drawing inspiration from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, select an outfit for this date that makes you feel like a princess. Maybe a yellow blouse, or a blue dress with a white sweater.  Wear your hair half up or tied back with a pretty blue ribbon.  A simple nod to the classic fairytale.

Go with Belle’s town girl look

Or go all out with a yellow ball gown. No judgement. Girl, who says you can’t play dress up when you’re grown?

Guys, play along! You should don a blue jacket for this evening.  And be sure to pick up a single red rose for your beauty.

First Stop, a French Feast!

Fun date night idea

You have three choices here:

French Feature Film

Head to the theater to see the new release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast!  You’ll really endulge in the romance after setting the stage.

If you’d rather stay home or opt to skip the theater, set up a few candles and turn on the original animated version at home.

Other movies set in France to enjoy:

(Let me know anymore you think of.)

After the Film

What a fun way to stay connected with your husband! Couples Date to Beauty and The Beast or other French Film.

There’s nothing quite like a French dessert.  The quintessential pastry is the cream puff.

Cream puffs seem daunting, but they really aren’t as hard as you might imagine.  If you’re anything of a baker, I say give these a try!  Bake them ahead of time so they’re ready for your after party.

If you’re more of a chocolate lover, these Pots de Creme are worth the effort.

Of course, you can also pick up frozen cream puffs at the grocery store and have them ready to eat.

Talk about the things you’d do if you really did go to France.  What would your “must do” activities include.  Have you ever dreamed of going to Paris?


Be sure to end your date with your own transformation!

Your prince may just turn into a beast.  (Can’t believe I just said that.  So cheesy.  But seriously, do keep the romance going.)

Do you and your husband have monthly date nights?  If not, what’s getting in the way of it?  I’d love to help you work out a solution.  Let me know in the comments or on instagram @themorefunmom.

Cream puffs and roses,

What to do on a date with your husband? This french themed date night inspired by Disney's Beauty and the Beast looks so fun for our married date nights!

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