I am Martha

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I am Martha

I am not much of a poet.  As a writer, and in general, I think quickly, write quickly, publish quickly, often requiring careful re-editing later.  But carefully selected words can stir my soul like not much else.  Songs, poems, beautiful verse, they get into your head in a deep way.

When I first started Martha, Martha, my friend Micah sent me a poem she had written.

Yes.  This.  

This is the longing of our hearts: to pause, to listen, to love and be loved, to relish in the presence of our beloved Savior.

I am pleased to share with you this lovely collection of words.  Enjoy:


I am Martha

I am Martha, but long to be

She who sits at Jesus’ knee.

Hanging on His every word,

Words of truth I’ve never heard.

She holds His hand, He strokes her hair,

It seems she’s lost her every care.

“But there’s no time,” I hear in my head.

“You must wash dishes, make the bed.”

There’s too much to do and too much to mention,

And surely He never wanted my full attention.

With broom in hand I start to sweep,

Thinking of this schedule I keep.

Surely He’ll notice and show some regard

For my going, and doing, and working so hard.

But, He doesn’t look up, does not even mention

All I’ve been doing to gain His attention.

His gaze just stays fixed on the one who sits before him.

Maybe her being not doing is the evidence she adores Him.

But, how do I get there – to that place of rest and calm,

When this ‘Pull of Perfection’ rope is a million feet long.

I look up and catch His eye and within my heart say,

“I’m tired, worn, and weary, I want another way.”

Within my heart He spoke it – the word that was meant for me,

“Stop going, and doing, and working. Come rest and just be.”

So, with comfort thrown aside and my heart out on my sleeve,

I am now the one who sits before my precious Jesus’ knee.


By Micah Graham


Beloved Reader,

Will you pause today and sit in his presence?  

Can I encourage you in some way?

I know you long to do that.  I know that just like me you find more to do than can ever be done.  You want to treasure your time with the Lord, but there are obstacles to your desire.

What challenges do you face?  What do you need to overcome to find that time in the day?

Martha, Martha is not just another Mom blog, or house-keeping/organizing blog, cooking blog, or even faith blog.  It’s a resource for helping us find peace and the ability to focus on the one thing that is needed.  Please let me know what your challenges are–you are not the only one, I promise–and we can work together to find solutions!

Encourage one another.

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