How to Make $10000 in 3 months: The Real Story of Being an It Works Distributor

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You guys…$10,000 in three months?  That’s what these It Works Distributors are headed for!

That’s what I love about network marketing–not only does it give you a fun social outlet, connecting with other distributors in your company, you can make some serious money all on your own time. But it’s true what they say, it really is starting your own business.  It takes hard work and dedication.

Today, I’ve interviewed Heather with It Works about her business, her products, and the crazy huge bonus she wants to help you earn! Read our written interview below, or watch the video where I chatted with Heather and Hailey, another It Works distributor.

The video has different content that the written interview.  For example, in the video, Hailey tells us more about the “skinny wrap” and how they’re not actually a weight loss wrap, but a skin care product. Hmm…interesting!

Interview with an It Works Distributor

Hi Heather!  Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I don’t have any kids, but I do have a husband, dog, and cat. I am involved in the Junior League, volunteer around the city, and I work full time in addition to my business with It Works. Until recently, was enrolled in graduate school full time, as well.

Wow!  Sounds like you’re a pretty busy person!  And you still have time to grow a business with network marketing!  That’s one of the things I love about the industry: the opportunity it provides women to increase their income no matter what  else they’ve got going on!  

Tell us about your business!

It Works has been around since 2001. They are completely debt free and have amazing leadership! I went to our annual conference last weekend with my team and fell even more in love with the company!  I’m on fire for all that we do!

They held a worship service for us on Thursday night, and I was extremely impressed that almost everyone in attendance stayed for worship.

Leadership and the top earners in the company talked about their faith and how it was all God that helped with their success. We also give to 4 different global charities on a regular basis.

Really?  A worship service!  I think most people wouldn’t guess that a company known for the “skinny wrap” has such a heart!  Tell me more about the products. 

Our products are all natural, plant based, and gmo-free.

I’m allergic to quite a few medications and have had numerous health issues that medication just made worse. Now taking these supplements and using the skin care, I’m finally feeling better and losing weight and my skin isn’t as broken out as it used to be! I went to the doctor yesterday, and he told me that I’m the lightest I’ve ever been while being his patient and to keep doing exactly what I’ve been doing!

Wow!  Is that what got you interested in the company to begin with, the products?

Yes, I had been following friends for at least 5 years and kept telling them “no” over and over again. I finally realized that all the medications the doctors were putting on weren’t helping me lose any weight, no matter how much exercise I did and how clean I ate.

I decided it was time to make a change, so I messaged a friend about a product she posted and became a loyal customer!

My husband and I started to do the Dave Ramsey method of paying off debt. We realized we had $90,000 in student loan, credit card, and medical debt. Plus both of our cars and our house. I make really good money at my full time job, but knew that there was no way that we were going to make a dent into that debt any time soon. About 6 months ago, I decided to give the business a try since I was already loving the products!

I love that we are all independent distributors, so we work for ourselves; but we are very much one team with one mission! Everyone is always willing to help you succeed and give you tips and tricks! Not just your upline, but sidelines, completely different teams, etc. It is like one big family! It’s so nice having such a supportive, like minded, group of friends!

Ok, let’s get real.

Are you on your phone all day? 

Nope, I work my business when I have time. Whether it’s 10 minutes at a time, or sitting down for 30-60 minutes for focused work. Some days I can work it more than others, it really depends on how my day is going.

Do you have to keep inventory? 

Nope! But I usually keep some wraps on hand to sell, and I use the products daily!

How do you make money?

We get commission on all of our sales, plus commission on any of our team’s sales. We also get a $100 bonus for each distributor we train to get their first 4 customers!

Do you have a team under you?

I currently have 6 distributors on my team.

Our 1st promotion is Executive, that’s when you have at least 2 distributors under you with at least $400 in sales. I’m very close to promoting!
When I started the  business, I had some issues in my life come up where I wasn’t able to work like I wanted to so I’m not as far along as many who are 6 months in.  My first promotion will most likely be a double promotion, which is not unusual for our company!

What frustrates you most about your business? Be honest!

The most frustrating thing is when someone is really excited about starting the business, they sign up, then they don’t stay connected and get trained to launch their business. I know I could help them see success like I have, but they never give it a chance.  I think it’s fear.

You’re probably right!  I think fear holds us back more often than we realize!

Let’s Talk Money

How much money do you make? 

Currently, between $100-$500.

How often do you get paid?

We get paid on commissions once a month. But, we also get the $100 bonuses (which are unlimited, it depends on how many distributors you sign and when you help them get their first customers). We also get paid Wrap Cash, so we can sell any wraps we have on hand for $25 for cash on the spot!


What is your next goal? Where do you want to be in 3-4 months? Where do you see your business in 2-3 years?

I will be Diamond by March 31st and claim a $10,000 bonus (on top of approx $2,000 monthly commissions), and Double Diamond by April 30th and claim the $30,000 bonus (on top of approx $6,000 monthly commissions)!

My goal is to be Presidential Diamond by Feb 2018 (avg commissions of $16,000 a month), and Ambassador Diamond by August 2018 (avg commissions of $30,000 a month)!

WOW!  That’s incredible! But do you know anyone who’s really making that kind of money? 

Actually, yes!  There is an Ambassador, Presidential, and Triple right here in my community.

The $10,000 bonus is for anyone who promotes to Diamond in their first 3 months.  I’m working closely with a friend who did just that, promoting to Diamond in 3 months. We would love to have someone join our team today and get that bonus in just a few months too!

Words of Wisdom

What advice do you have for those considering or just starting in Network Marketing?

My advice is to just get to work! No one is going to put in all the work and make money for you! I learned the hard way that when you stop working your business, checks aren’t quite a nice.

Heather, this is fantastic information!  Thank you so much for sharing with us about what it’s really like to be an It Works girl!  I know several of my readers may have questions about working the business with you or trying out your products. 

Where can they reach you? 

They can find me online at  I’d be thrilled to help you get started on your health goals with the best value possible or show you how it’s absoutely possible to get a $10,000 bonus in just 3 months!

Wow, can you guys believe It Works is offering a $10,000 bonus!?  That’s a lot of money for a brand new business.  If you are considering a business in Network Marketing, you may want to contact Heather and find out more!

I love the advice she has for distributors in any MLM business:  You have to get over your fear and just work.

It’s so easy to hide out in our safe, comfort zones or get hung up in our fears.  I’m working on a post right now that specifically addresses those things and includes the advice of several of our Network Marketing Mavens!  Be sure to subscribe below to get notified when that post comes up!

What’s your biggest barrier to success?   Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?  Comment below, email [email protected], or JOIN the CONVERSATION in our Facebook group. 

Brioche and Bubble Baths,

Can you really make money with It Works? I talked with 2 distributors about their products and business and what it takes to make money in network marketing.

Can you really make money with It Works? I talked with 2 distributors about their products and business and what it takes to make money in network marketing.

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