Finding Time for Jesus in a Busy Schedule

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This is the final post in our series on scheduling.  Be sure to check out the other posts where we learned:

I would never put pressure on you to develop a schedule just for the sake of productivity.  Working harder is not the key to happiness.  I think that is the fatal flaw in most schedules: the purpose behind them.  We will never find satisfaction by striving.  There will never be enough time to get everything done, and there will always, always be laundry.  Always.

The good news is, there will always, always be Jesus too.  Always.

I believe that designing your days around the activities that carry the greatest priority in your life is the key to developing a more productive, peaceful, and content lifestyle.

If you are a Christian, certainly you would say God is the greatest priority in your life.  So the question becomes, how are you designing your day to give Him the top spot?

For some, that means a quiet time of reading, reflection and prayer first thing in the morning.  Some may do this before bed.  I struggled for years to figure out what to do during this “quiet time” until I hit on the method that works for me.

However, not everyone connects to God best through that sort of thing.  Some people connect to God by being in nature, or by serving others.  Some connect in song and music.  Some reach him in study, some in prayer.  There are many ways to connect to God.  The important thing is finding your best way and making time for it!

Psalm 1 says:

Blessed is the man

who walks not in the counsel of the wicked,

nor stands in the way of sinners,

    nor sits in the seat of scoffers;
but his delight is in the law of the Lord,
    and on his law he meditates day and night.

He is like a tree
    planted by streams of water
that yields its fruit in its season,
    and its leaf does not wither.
In all that he does, he prospers.

When does the man meditate on the law?  Day and night.  Deuteronomy 6 mentions several times a day when we are to be thinking of and teaching our children about God.  1 Corinthians 10 tells us that whatever we do should be done to the glory of God.

Apparently, setting aside a devoted time to focus on God is not the only time we are supposed to be thinking of Him!

What other ways can we fit God into our schedule?  My challenge is for you to look at your day to day activities and think of ways to connect to God through them.

Cooking meals? Doing Dishes?

As you chop veggies, think of how God has provided food for your family.  As you rinse each plate, thank Him for the nourishment he provided for your body as well as any nourishment for your soul that you may have received from sharing a meal with your loved ones.

Folding Laundry

In Marie Kondo’s book on tidying, she suggests thanking each item as you put it away.  While I appreciate the notion of gratitude, I think it’s misplaced.  Instead, as you smooth your hands over the fabric and create the folds, thank God for each piece of clothing.  We know he provides for our needs in a thousand unnoticed ways.  As you fold clothes for your family members, thank God for the blessings they have brought to your life.  Say a little prayer of protection or blessing for each person.

You can also use this time to pull up an encouraging podcast or use the audio function on your Bible app.  If music is what touches your soul, tune in to your favorite worship songs and sing along!

Laundry time can be a great time of worship. Praise God for Laundry Time! (Who ever thought we could say that?)

Sitting in the Car Line or waiting at practice

Moms often have times in their day of passive busyness.  What I mean is, we spend a lot of time sitting in the car waiting on our kids.  Next time you find yourself waiting in the car, don’t just scroll Facebook.  Think of ways you can connect to God then too.  You could say a prayer!  You could read a book that would help you grow in your faith.  You could use the audio ideas already mentioned.

Any time you are stalled in your productivity, instead of getting annoyed at the delay, choose to use those moments to His glory.

Running Errands

Whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God.  Could you glorify God at Walmart?  Sure! Seeking opportunities to bless others while running errands is a great way to serve God.

Intentionally think outside of yourself.

Jesus summed up all the Law and the Prophets in two commands: Love God, Love others.  Is there anything about yourself in those commands?  Not really.  “Be more productive” never appears in scripture.  I checked.

The point of designing, implementing and perfecting your schedule is to MAKE time to do as He commanded.  Love God by focusing your thoughts on Him no matter what you are doing.  Love others by praying for them, blessing them, serving them no matter what you are doing!

As you finalize your schedule, take a moment to look over your day and make notes of ways you can connect to Him.  As the psalm promises, you will be blessed.

Finding time to focus on God when you have too much to do

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