Essentials for Farmhouse and Cozy Cottage Style

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Even if you live in the heart of the big city, you may feel your heart flutter when you see those images of a dreamy farmhouse.

There’s something about the farmhouse/cottage style that resonates with almost all of us.  It’s a simplicity, a quietude, a hearken to the good old days.

Honestly, I think it’s the American version of hygge.   A farmhouse represents pride in a job well done, relaxing with family at the end of a hard day’s work, and being content with the simple things in life: food, comfort, family.

You can bring this cozy feeling into your home, no matter what your overall decor is, with a few key pieces that recall those nostalgic days.

Essentials for a Cozy Cottage or Farmhouse

1. Quilts

I used to roll my eyes when my mom talked about how great a quilt was. I didn’t get it.  I wanted a big sumptuous comforter, fluffy and colorful!  Ok, I was 12, but still…

As an adult, I discovered the real beauty of quilts when I bought a few for my little girls’ room.  They were colorful and bright and little girlie, but they were also clean, tidy, minimalist in their design.

A quilt can be used as a blanket, a coverlet, bedspread, or throw.  Their versatility is unparalleled.

You can find quilts in any design scheme so you’re sure to find just the one to match the things you already own and add the cottage touch.

2. Nature

Farmhouse style seems to connect to nature in an easy, authentic way.  Floral arrangements are loose, carefree with a gathered look.   Dried crops of cotton or wheat take the place of fancy silk flowers.

Plants feel at home.  There are several plants that grow well indoors with little care.  Adding a few of these will really bring some life to your indoor space.

If you just can’t manage a living plant, pops of nature can be fresh-cut flowers or faux lamb’s ear, eucalyptus, boxwood, or ivy.

3. Useful objects

One of my favorite things about the farmhouse style is seeing useful objects do double duty as decor.  There’s a shelf in my kitchen that holds jars of oats and rice.  My flour sifter, kitchen scale, lemon press, and an hand-me-down Bundt cake mold also reside on that shelf.

Though they’re a key element of my kitchen design, they’re also real used tools!

In farmhouse design, you’ll see things like mason jars, galvanized buckets, and old crates doing double duty as containers, planters, and objets. Wooden cutting boards become trays. Mason jars and pitchers become vases.

The minimalist in me refuses to buy an old tool, like a butter churn, just for its aesthetic value.  I truly believe an object should have multiple uses.

The next time you need a container, look around and see what you already have that could do the trick!

4. Natural materials

Natural materials are not only rustic and old-looking, they connect us to nature on a subconscious level.  Wood, pottery, iron, copper…these are the finishes of a farmhouse look.  I

f you want to update your current design to feel cozy, remove or minimize crystal, plastic, brass, and highly polished wood.  Draw attention to the natural finishes by using them in your most eye-catching places like mantles and centerpieces.

5. Simple Textiles

Along with quilts and natural materials, look at the textiles in your home.  Curtains, dish towels, pillows, rugs…anything made of fibers.  Swap those out for simple textures like canvas, duck cloth, muslin, ticking, jute….  Natural and handmade is what adds cottage charm.

6. Candles and Fragrances

One of the most overlooked elements of home design is the feeling your home has beyond the visuals.  Elements like lighting, smell, sounds, and aura.

The warm comforting flicker of a candle is a welcomed presence any time of the year.  Something about that little bit of fire connects to us on a primal level, I believe.

Scented candles add not only the soothing glow, but a delicious fragrance as well!  Some of my favorite scented candles are a balance of floral, earthy, and delicious smells.

The candles from Bridgeway Scented Market are exactly that!  Oh my word, you have to smell the one called Shiplap!  Here’s how the website describes it: With charred woods of pine and cedar, amber, smoky sandalwood, and musk with a background containing hints of spun sugar, brown sugar, coconut and vanilla.

It’s truly magical!

These candles are perfect for anyone wanting to add some Farmhouse/Cottage style to your home.  With other fragrances in the lineup called Farmhouse, Farmers Market, Hillbilly Homebrew, and Amish Quilt, you know this company has figured out how to bottle farmhouse charm!


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Have you been wanting to add some Farmhouse Charm to your house?  Tell me what your biggest challenge is and what you LOVE most about it!  Comment below, email [email protected], or JOIN the CONVERSATION in our Facebook group. 

Shiplap and copper kettles,

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