Super Fun Double Date Idea: Couples Photo Scavenger Hunt

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What a fun idea! We never do double dates, but this is so easy, I'm already thinking of couples to ask to join us. Plus, printable list included!

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a bit of a theme going on around here lately.  It’s all about LOVE!

Praying for your husband, 12 Months of Dating, Fun Date a Target, even the sensual hot chocolate! It’s all leading up to Valentine’s Day.  I’m not big on celebrating Valentine’s Day, but I am big on celebrating marriage!  There’s no better way to support your marriage than to pray for your spouse and to have fun together.

Today’s post is another quick and fun date night idea.  I hinted at this in my 12 Months of Dating Post for a night out.

A Double-Date Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here’s the plan:

You get one other couple to go out with.  I don’t know about you, but for us it’s hard enough to think of something to do with just the two of us, throw in another couple–even trying to select another couple–and it’s even harder!  The funny thing about this idea is, we were able to think of a few couples to “ask out” right away.  Instead of asking ourselves “who else would we want to spend an evening with?” we were asking “who do we know that would play along with this?”.  Amazingly, the couples we know seemed a lot more interesting when we thought of them this way.  Everyone’s up for a little silly fun!

We really take ourselves too seriously most of the time.

You and your spouse and the other couple agree on a restaurant to meet at for dinner and a start time for the scavenger hunt.  You’ll also need to agree on a prize for the winner.  I suggest the losers buy dessert for the winners.  It’s a prize, but not a huge expense.

Get yourselves all ready, babysitter squared away and whatnot then give each other a call or text to be the official starting gun for your race!

Now, smartphone or camera in hand, you and your partner must check off each item on the scavenger hunt list by taking a photo of at least one of you with the item.

My guess is it would take about an hour to accomplish.

Once you have completed all the items on the photo scavenger hunt list, you head to the designated meeting point!

When you arrive, you should take one last photo (which will be time-stamped on your smart phone) of the two of you at the location.  Text the other couple to let them know you’ve won, and they can all off the search.

Over dinner, you’ll look through each other’s photos and talk about where you got them, etc.  This is great because it’s an automatic ice-breaker.

And of course, once the dinner’s done, someone has to buy dessert!

Don’t worry if you’re the loser, just challenge your dates to a rematch next month!  This time you make the list. 😉

Download the printable Couples Photo Scavenger Hunt checklist here!

So, who’s up for a little fun? Photo Scavenger Hunt List


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