Date Your Husband…at Target! A Couple’s Scavenger Hunt

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Remember when you were first dating and you could go ANYWHERE and have a romantic moment?  Sometimes that can start to fade when you’ve been together a long time and you start to wonder if you can still have a great time without having to plan an entire week off work or something. 

I’m a big fan of planning regular date nights so we don’t fall into that roommate syndrome that can happen when you’re raising kids. 


Sometimes we schedule the babysitter, get dressed, head out and realize we have nothing to do and nothing to talk about. As much as we love and enjoy each other, it can get awkward and yes, boring.

So, I tried to think of what kinds of things we would have done when we were dating and romance didn’t seem so grown-up and stuffy. 

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good buttery chardonnay with a pear and walnut salad leading up to pan-seared sea bass by candlelight. *sigh* And a good Diana Krall mix on the Amazon Echo while we sit by the fireside. 

But when Christopher and I were first dating, we were barely out of our teens and in that carefree phase of life when you’re still in that giddy, impulsive high of being free from parents and school and not yet encumbered with life. 

I wanted to dream up a date night that would recreate those feelings. And oh, did we. 

Leave your inhibitions and the Dollar Spot

If you’re going to attempt this date with your mate, you’ve got to understand that there are rules and guidelines. The first rule is to leave those Mommy, Good-girl manners at the Dollar Spot. Go ahead, check out the cool bargains while you’re there. Then remember that there are no kids with you tonight. You don’t have to be a good example and as long as you treat the store and its employees with respect, you’re allowed to be as silly as you want. 

Then, to prove it, you have to take three big steps like John Cleese and say “walk this way” as you lead your date to the starting line. 



The Target Scavenger Hunt

Alright, you’re ready to begin?! 

Here are the rules: 

  1. You must find all the items on your list and meet back at the Starbucks counter. 
  2. The first to collect all their items wins. 
  3. The winner gets a 5 minute massage when you get home. Clothing optional. 
  4. You should either buy your items or put them back. 

If your budget allows for it, it’s really fun to add the extra layer of buying the items. It might make you think just a little bit harder about which things you toss in your cart. 

The real fun is in hurrying around the store without getting thrown out by security–no running over toddlers or little old ladies!

Some of your items will be the same, so you’re bound to run into each other.  If you steal a kiss on aisle 23, no one has to know!

And here is the list:

You each get your own list! I suggest taking a screen shot and marking it on your phone as you go, but you can print them out in advance if you prefer. 


Finish your date by going out for dinner afterward, or heading home to try on your new things, brew some coffee, and try a Tim Tam Slam.

Tim Tams are an incredible Australian cookie recently imported to America.  They’re at Target and Walmart, and you need to find them immediately people! Once you’ve procured your Tim Tams, you’ll also need a hot beverage–coffee, tea, chocolate, doesn’t matter.  Nibble off one corner of the cookie, then the opposite corner.  Dip one exposed corner into your hot beverage and suck until the liquid moves up through the cookie creating the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted.  The cookie will fall apart quickly, so you need to consume it almost in one bite.  The Tim Tam Slam.



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