Date Your Husband…at Target! A Couple’s Scavenger Hunt

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Married dating is fantastic!  Unless it’s not.

Spending time together with your spouse is a wonderful way to ensure that you keep your affection alive and your relationship fresh.  It would be easy to lose each other in the hustle of everyday life. Scheduling a date night together can really combat that natural drift apart.


Sometimes we schedule the babysitter, get dressed, head out and realize we have nothing to do and nothing to talk about. As much as we love and enjoy each other, it can get awkward and yes, boring.

In my post on A Year of Date Nights, I delved into the idea of what makes a great date and how to plan an entire year of excellent dates for you and your spouse.  One of those suggestions was a Target Scavenger Hunt.

Date Night at Target: Scavenger HuntTarget Scavenger Hunt List

Here’s how it works:

You head to Target, or your favorite “Stuff Mart” with a list for each of you.  Get yourselves a latte and separate.  Find all the items on your list and meet back at the front of the store! The first one to get there wins.

You and your sweetie can determine the prize in advance! I’m sure you’ll each have an idea! 😉  If you can’t think of anything, it could be something like winner chooses the restaurant or a movie to go to next.

The real fun is in hurrying around the store without getting thrown out by security–no running over toddlers or little old ladies!

Some of your items will be the same, so you’re bound to run into each other.  If you steal a kiss on aisle 23, no one has to know!

Do you buy the items or not?

Well, that’s up to you!  I have some items on the list that I think you definitely should buy:  “something to try tonight”, for example.  There are also some things on the list that are there just to make it a little more challenging: orange nail polish, green underwear…  If you’d get a kick out of those–maybe they’re for your St. Patrick’s Day date–then go for it! But if not, you can wander the store together to put them back, or ask a customer service person very nicely to restock.  Get her a little gift, maybe, like Starbucks or iTunes gift card.

Finish your date by going out for dinner afterward, or heading home to try on your new things, brew some coffee, and try a Tim Tam Slam*.

Download your printable Target Scavenger Hunt now!

Be sure to check out the 1 Year of Date Nights post for a ton of  date night ideas and printables!




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*For my friend Cindy: Since you and 73% of the people who read this are not going to know what a Tim Tam Slam is and don’t want to look it up:  Tim Tams are an incredible Australian cookie recently imported to America.  They’re at Target and Walmart, and you need to find them immediately people! Once you’ve procured your Tim Tams, you’ll also need a hot beverage–coffee, tea, chocolate, doesn’t matter.  Nibble off one corner of the cookie, then the opposite corner.  Dip one exposed corner into your hot beverage and suck until the liquid moves up through the cookie creating the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted.  The cookie will fall apart quickly, so you need to consume it almost in one bite.  The Tim Tam Slam.


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