How to Make a Meteor Shower Romantic

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Sometimes, you really need a date night, but your budget says it’s not in the cards.  This month’s date night idea is practically free and totally memorable.  Watching the meteor showers is a great cheap romantic date night!

Cheap and Romantic Date Night

When my husband and I were still just a few months into our dating relationship, my mom called me one night and said, “There’s supposed to be a REALLY great meteor shower tonight. It’s the best this one has been in our lifetime!”

We were in college in Abilene, TX, way out in the wide open spaces.

I convinced my man and a few of my roommates to drive out away from the city light to where we could get a really great view.  We ended up in a state park starting up at the inky dome darted with the occasional fireball!

It was quite a memorable experience!!

I’ve always been a sucker for a meteor shower.

There’s something really special about it!

Even though I understand the science behind what’s happening, it doesn’t take away from the magic of the moment.

Shooting stars are lucky!

Make a wish!

Oh, there’s another!!

They flash across the sky in an instant.  Even if you’re looking for them, you might miss it. Every single one you see feels like a special gift from the Universe, from God, reminding you that you’re special and a part of this beautiful world.

It makes you feel timeless.

How to Make the Most of this Month’s Meteor Shower

Did you know there’s a meteor shower every month? They’re not all spectacular and worth the effort though.  Your view could be obstructed by clouds.  The full moon could be too bright to really see them, but…

This fall, there are 3 awesome opportunities to see the glory of the skies!

1. Know when the meteor showers are.

In late October, the debris from Halley’s Comet comes into the earth’s path to set of a star-show.

Just knowing the shooting stars are from remnants of once-in-a-lifetime comet (it only passes close to the earth every 76 years, next in 2062) makes this seem super special!  Even though we can’t see it, there’s evidence that it’s been here…  why is that so profound?

Grab your honey and head out October 20-21 to see the best of this one!

There are 2 meteor showers in November: the Southern Taurids and the Leonids.

The Leonids are the ones my hubby and I watched in our early years.  They were especially spectacular in the late 90s and that was 2001.

This year, the Taurids will be obstructed by a big ol’ full moon.  If you enjoy moon-bathing more than star-gazing, Nov 5 could still be a great night for a date!

The good news is, the Leonids are in full effect on November 17 and there’s a New Moon (no moon) so the skies will be lovely, dark, and deep and you’ll be sure to catch some starshine!

December has this year’s best meteor shower.

Out of all the meteor showers in 2017, this end-of-the-calendar shower is usually the year’s best and most reliable, with upward of 100 meteors per hour radiating from a spot near the bright star Castor.” (source)

December’s sky-show should be a good one, peaking at around 2:00EST/11:00PST. Universe timing doesn’t get more convenient than that!

In the future, you can always check out Sky and Telescope for the news on what’s up (see what I did there? Comedic genius, I tell ya.)  You may want to pin this article for future reference.

Know that you know WHEN to have your date, let’s get planning on how to make it DREAMY!

Other Date Night Ideas You May Love:

2. Be Comfortably Prepared.

Nothing ruins an outdoor date faster than being too hot, too cold, or too bug-bitten!  Be sure you check your local forecast and plan your wardrobe.  Remember, it gets a lot colder when the sun goes down!

Stargazing is a great fall-winter date because you know it’s probably going to be cold, and you can get out a little earlier since the sun goes to bed early….and maybe you can convince the kids to go to bed early too!

You’ll also want to prepare a comfy place to sit.

You’ll want to recline.  Not necessarily flat on your back, but laid-back so you don’t strain your neck.

Spread a quilt or sleeping bag out on a sloped lawn, the hood of your car (using the windshield as a backrest), or my favorite…. go up on the roof!

(Obviously, PLEASE, use caution and don’t blame me for any accidents.  And if it’s snowy, don’t go on the roof.)

If it’s cold enough, snuggling in a sleeping bag together can really bring you closer!

3. Bring Refreshments!

All that laying around looking at the sky works up an appetite…. ok, no it doesn’t, but c’mon, you’re used to television and internet streaming and instant gratification.  You’re going to want something else to do while you wait for the stars to shine.

Before you head out, pack up some decadent date night nosh.  Here’s a few ideas:

The beauty of it is you can do your date night the way you do your marriage!  If you’re a casual couple, you might not want some fancy food.  If you’re classy foodie types, you may enjoy spending an extra hour preparing a delectable treat!

It’s your date night!  Make it what you want!

Keep in mind the 3 essentials to any good date night though!

4. Kick It Up A Notch.

You’ll need something to talk about and a transition to intimacy.  If you’ve been doing date night long enough, you may have established a pattern for this and don’t need any help.  If you’re new to the whole “married date night” thing, it can be a little awkward at first.

Intimacy for women begins in the mind.  An intimacy of mind and feelings comes first.

Here are a few topics to keep in your back pocket if the conversation wanes:

  • Talk about what the sky makes you feel.
  • Allow yourself to relish the magic.
  • Tell him what you love about him.
  • “Thank your lucky stars” you ended up together!  (Name something your thankful for about each other everytime you spy a meteor.)
  • Make a wish on a star…and tell each other!
  • Make a wish together as a couple!


Every time you see a shooting star, share a kiss!  Before long, you’ll be making out like a couple of teenagers.

Truly Memorable

I’ve made the effort to watch several meteor showers in my life and they’re all unique, all magical, and all memorable experiences!  It never gets old.

Whether you have the most romantic evening you’ve ever had, or it ends up a disaster where clouds block your view and you get rained on, you’ll never forget trying to see the stars do their thing!

It’s a really bonding experience for you and your husband.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your marriage or just have more fun as a mom, I send out a monthly round up of fun things to do with your family, themed date nights, and ways to make homemaking simpler so you can actually have time for fun!  This list of goodies is totally free.  Just sign up in the form below.

Check out the rest of the Date Night Themes and Marriage Boosters here!  


We LOVED this cheap romantic date night! Know when the stars are falling and the magic happens!

We LOVED this cheap romantic date night! Know when the stars are falling and the magic happens!

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