Cheers to the Wipers! Celebrating Motherers in all stages of life

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Celebrating the ones who don't have the title, but still nurture and mother us.

What is a mother?

Is it only someone who has given birth? Someone who has a child?

What about adoptive mothers, foster mothers, surrogate mothers….

What about women whose children are no longer with them?  They once were mothers…are they not always?

What about the woman who has longed for a child, who senses a child in her life whose face she has never seen, the childless mothers?

What about the women who do the work of nurturing, training, loving, and yet, cannot claim the title mother–the teachers, aunts, sisters, friends?

This year for Mother’s Day, I’d like to offer a hearty toast to them.  To all who mother (as a verb), not just mothers.

There is, perhaps, nothing quite so symbolic to the act of mothering as the act of wiping.

Cheers to the wipers!

Today, I salute you the one who:

wipes the countertop,

the desktop,

the toilet

wipes the runny noses,

the stinky bottoms,

the muddy paws

wipes the tears from the cheeks,

the dribble from the chin,

the sticky from the fingers


As you gently clean our surfaces and our selves, you also wipe away








and pain.

Mothering is act carried out by women of all ages, all seasons of life.  We are the nurturers, the comforters, the magic boo-boo-gone kissers.  

We are the hand that pats your shoulder when you feel disheartened.  We are the advice that is good because it comes from one who understands you, your uniqueness and your heart.  We are the soup when you’re sick, the applause when you triumph, the grin of encouragement that spurs you to succeed.

Mothers guide us and train us no matter how old we are.

If there’s a woman in your life who lovingly teaches and corrects, who opens your mind to new possibilites and helps you see the world in a better light, she is mothering.

They are the encouragers who help you reach new levels of success.  The ones who see all your potential and drive you to be your best.

They are the caregivers who hold your hand in times of need.

They are the hand that wipes away aching tears and sticky jelly on the counter.

Celebrate the wipers!

Celebrate and acknowledge the “mothers” in your life: the grandmothers, the pet mothers, the grieving mothers, the soon-to-be mothers, the never-mothers, the teacher mothers, the friend mothers…

The mothering mothers…. the Motherers. Celebrating the ones who don't have the title, but still nurture and mother us.

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