The Budget Method That Changed Our Lives

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Flashback, Fall 2013:  I was a stay-at-home mom with 3 little girls, 2 dogs, and a husband…

and a mortgage,

a student loan,

and a massive amount of credit card debt.

My husband’s salary had finally grown to cover our living expenses, but we were still drowning in debt with no paddle.

Too many years had gone by with this constant weight of debt hanging around our necks. We felt helpless, hopeless, and out-of-control.

Debt was keeping us from living!Get mad at debt and decide to stop being a victim. Here's our story of how I finally hit rock bottom when I realized debt was holding our dreams hostage.


It was time for a change.We were drowning in debt. Hopeless, Helpless, and Unable to make a change. Then I found this! Must try this, even if Dave Ramsey didn't work for you.

We needed help.

We needed hope.

We needed a new way of looking at our money.

In desperation, I turned to the only two sources of absolute wisdom:  The Lord God Almighty, and….  Pinterest. 😉

In all seriousness, prayer was the first step I took in making a change for our family’s finances.

There were two more absolutely critical things that I did.

I’m sharing all the details today in a guest post on The Peaceful Mom.

Check it out here:  The Simple Budget Trick that Changed Our Life

Kimberlee at the Peaceful Mom has been an inspiration of mine for over three years.  I feel incredibly blessed and honored to be sharing with her audience today.

Hop over to her site and take a look around.  I guarantee you’ll find some helpful information!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.  Have you struggled with debt or budgeting woes?   What’s been your biggest takeaway?


Most people have struggled or are struggling with debt.  Please, SHARE this post with your friends and offer them the HOPE that I found.


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