One Year of Date Nights! 12 Special Dates for You and Your Husband

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“Date nights are so important for your marriage.”

If you’ve been married longer than a minute, you have probably heard that slice of advice before.  When the kids come along, you hear that date night prescription even more.

Date nights for married couples ARE important.  Dedicating time for the two of you can help you focus on each other when life gets crazy and busy.  It’s an extremely beneficial practice for maintaining a healthy marriage.


It’s not easy.

First, there’s finding the time! With responsibilities inside and outside the home for both of you, finding a time for a date night is challenging!

Then, there’s the childcare. Of course, you’ll have to budget the funds for the date AND the babysitter.  And then there’s the question of what to do.

Maybe you decide to go the traditional route.  You find yourselves sitting across from each other at an actual grown-up restaurant…wondering what in the world to talk about.

Believe me, after 14 years and 4 kids, my husband and I have been there.  We LOVE to spend time together but date night is hard to manage!

Recognizing the importance of prioritizing my husband and our marriage, I put together a gift basket for him–for both of us really–that will guarantee that we spend at least 12 wonderful evenings together this year.

A Date for Every Month!

Since dates can be budget-straining, babysitters aren’t always easy to come by, and often they need to leave earlier than we are ready to go home, I planned for us to have a good mix of bedroom dates, date ideas for going out, and overnight date ideas.

I pre-planned each date, purchased any materials that would be needed, and packaged it up in an envelop to be opened each month.

Now all we have to do is coordinate calendars each month and activate the plan!

The Perfect Gift for Your Husband

This is the perfect, budget-friendly gift for your husband for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even your Anniversary.

I was worried my husband might think this was cheesy, but he was SO appreciative when he opened this. I mean, he didn’t cry, but he was seriously touched.

He grew to appreciate it even more as the year went on and he got to look forward to our very special nights each month.

I followed my recipe for the perfect date which includes the 3 essentials to a great evening.  You can read more about that here: What Makes A Great Married Date.

These dates are super cheap or only require the occasional dinner out budget, so you can give the gift when all you have time and money for is printing a few pages out on cardstock!

Make your own year of dates by following the instructions here.

It really couldn’t be simpler or easier. . .

Except that I have made it easier!!!

FREE Printable 12 Dates for You & Your Mate

I’ve made this easy for you to re-create by providing you with the printable certificates you’ll need.  SO EASY!  Yep, it’s all done for you.

In this printable pack you’ll find:

  • 6 At-Home Dates
  • 4 Leave the Kids with a Babysitter Dates
  • 2 Send the Kids to Grandma’s Dates
  • Plus One Special Anniversary Month Date

Print them out and package them up with the necessary items for each date, and you’ve got a truly memorable Valentine’s Day gift.

If this seems to simple to be special, Girl, don’t even worry about that.  Your husband is going to LOVE the fact that you’ve got a plan to spend time with him each month!  It’s really that easy.

This bundle makes an excellent Christmas, Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift for your husband.  If you need to, you can purchase the necessary materials (they’re aren’t many) as they come up.  That makes this the perfect, thoughtful, meaningful FREE Christmas or Valentine’s Day gift!



Just imagine how happy your husband is going to be when you give him not one, but 12 Dates for your special day!  It’s a year-long commitment to LOVE that you’re going to want to repeat.

“Date Nights ARE so important for your marriage!”

Maybe the advice is true, but it doesn’t sound too fun when you think of it as “so important”.  Let go of any guilt from that statement.  

Forget about “prioritizing date nights” and just plan some fun together!  

Remember, this is not about checking off some box on your Good Wife card.  It’s about you and your husband.  It’s about how you’ll have fun together and what you like to do!

Do you and your man plan regular date nights?  Do you like to go out or stay in?

If you try out any of these, let me know what your husband thought in the comments below!

Peaches and Sunsets,


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